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Composer/Songwriter/Audio Artist

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Fabio is an Italian composer, arranger and song-writer based in London.  His work includes the music for the Italian remake of the cult French series "Call My Agent!" and the score for the BAFTA winner for Best British Short Animation "Do Not Feed The Pigeons" (2021).
Fabio is an alumnus of “G. Rossini” Conservatoire in Pesaro, where he studied Classical Composition and Electronic Music, graduating with the highest mark with a thesis about the simulation of 3D sound and Ambisonics applications; he then completed the MA  in Composing for Film and TV at the National Film And Television School, where he scored the BAFTA nominated "Do Not Feed the Pigeons, the GSA BAFTA finalist "More Than Just Memories" and the GSA BAFTA shortlisted "Painted Ladies".

In 2020, Fabio scored the horror feature “BAPHOMET” starring Giovanni Lombardo Radice and directed by Matthan Harris.

In 2015 Fabio scored the horror anthology “GERMAN ANGST” directed by Jorg Buttegereit, Michal Kosakowski and Andreas Marschall, starring Milton Welsh; the film was presented in several major film festivals and Film Markets including the EFM Berlinale and the Rotterdam IFF, other than several theatrical releases in Germany.

He collaborated as composer and arranger for artists and bands on several worldwide album releases, including two of the most famous Swedish bands Sabaton and Therion. He worded as composer and orchestrator on several video games released for the main platforms, including Steam and Sony PS4.

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T: +44 207 486 6466

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